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Mar 2, 2011

Innovative Eureka AirSpeed Vacuum Delivers More Deep Cleaning Power

The path from dirty carpets to clean floors was "a long and winding road" until the design team at Eureka dared to write a different song, to the tune of a more powerful, pragmatic and innovative vacuum design. Based on the simple principle that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, Eureka created AirSpeed, an upright bagless vacuum cleaner with two extra-wide, smooth air pipes that move high volumes of air directly from the floor to the vacuum's dust cup and out again.

The Eureka AirSpeed vacuum cleaner owes its powerful cleaning performance to several key design elements, all related to the way air moves through the vacuum.

Eureka AirSpeed

Eureka AirSpeed

First, the AirSpeed tube on the right side of the vacuum is short and direct, decreasing the distance dirt must travel to reach the dust cup. The wide design of the AirSpeed tubes increases the amount of airflow for powerful suction.

"Most upright vacuum cleaners propel air through a nozzle and hose system that is long and full of twists and texturing," said Randall Sandlin, general manager of consumer experience and innovation for Eureka. "AirSpeed cleans carpets better than many other upright vacuums because we have removed the hose from the equation and replaced it with wider, shorter tubes, allowing more airflow to go through the vacuum, which results in a powerful, deep clean."

For above-the-floor cleaning, an airflow control switch directs air from the base of the vacuum cleaner to the hose, allowing users to concentrate all of the vacuum's suction power on the floor when deep cleaning carpets and on the extension hose when using tools to remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas like stairs or baseboards. Once dirt is delivered to the dust cup, Eureka's Whirlwind Cyclonic Technology maintains suction power and separates larger debris from fine dust, resulting in less maintenance.

Finally, after debris is safely captured, the AirSpeed tube on the left side of the vacuum acts as an exhaust system, equalizing the amount of air leaving and entering the dust cup and maintaining ideal airflow through the cleaner. Eureka strategically placed the exhaust behind the dust cup, as opposed to at the head of the vacuum, so it won't disturb dust and dirt not yet collected.

"The design elements that give AirSpeed its power can't be appreciated by simply looking at the vacuum," said Jackie Cooper, senior director of marketing and communications for Eureka. "It's in head-to-head testing of embedded-dirt removal from carpeting that AirSpeed shines and that's what our customers wanted - an affordable vacuum that removes deep down dirt."

Weighing in at 19 pounds, the AirSpeed vacuum comes equipped with a HEPA filter to capture dust and allergens for a cleaner home; a deluxe stretch hose and wand combination offering 10 feet of reach to remove dirt in crevices and along baseboards; and a stair and upholstery brush to remove dust, allergens and pet hair from furniture backs and stair risers. AirSpeed also features an easy-empty, bottom-release dust cup and on-board tools including a crevice tool and dusting brush/upholstery nozzle combo to clean hard-to-reach areas.

"With AirSpeed, consumers get remarkable cleaning power, convenient tools and attachments and an easy-to-use design - all in an affordable package," said Cooper.

The Eureka AirSpeed is available for $119.96 only on and at Walmart stores starting September 27.

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