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카이 When arctic monkey say “i wanna be your vacuum cleaner” sangat relatable👍
Oscar’s Notepage 🇺🇸 A moment ago: Just as I turn off our vacuum cleaner, a ping from WhatsApp greets me with perfect timing. Just after I take a screenshot of an application, they ask me ti take a screenshot. This person is recruiting for casual labour. It could be a coincidence but might not be
Sharon Lehman Is it just me or does anyone else feel guilty when they leave the house while the iRobot is still cleaning? Should I turn it off? Should I wait till it's done? Should I take it with me?? I'm sure I'm contributing to the robot apocalypse...
Kiya I’m ready to purchase a new car and a new vacuum cleaner. Both are very nervous
RG DasavagePoptart Just got a new vacuum cleaner. I'm excited.....that is all
Helen Edwards When your robot vacuum cleaner decides you are spending too much time online. @iRobot
cat | I'M NAYEON IS COMING "i wanna be your vacuum cleaner, breathing in your dust" ♡
Tomb Raider Sooooo I want a Roomba vacuum cleaner 🤨
Tom Baxter Elodie: what’s that noise? Me: just the hoover E: it’s a vacuum cleaner M: yeah but we just say hoover E: it’s a vacuum cleaner M: well aye, you’re right. Sorry. She’s 3
ExampleDotCom So, say that your cake yelled at your vacuum cleaner
ParentingQuotes childrenshha "It's amazing how quickly the kids learn to drive a car, yet are unable to understand the lawnmower or vacuum cleaner." —Ben Bergor ParentingQuotes
Dave Conte I've decided to speak some German today. I already started it off with a "that is wonderful, Charlie" to my son at a particularly loud volume after he pressed the vacuum cleaner cord retriever button, or whatever it's called, in my presence
Wamp Bailey Fixed a vacuum cleaner this morning. Got me feeling a little extra mannish. Gym up next!
macramelovers macrameart violethomeshop Macramelovers macrameart LCD Screen Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner
ximena222 Your vacuum cleaner, ford cortina and coffee pot
szpara666 Unreal robotic vacuum cleaner makes you tanked
Aminutesale Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Cleaner Upgraded Blackhead Vacuum Rechargeable Face Vacuum Comedone Extractor Tool for Blackhead
shopper shoponline Shop With SSW Shopper shoponline Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner
soufside char 🍥 I want a Dyson vacuum sooo bad 😭
sofia I wanna be your vacuum cleaner, breathing in your dust
frooty jooty I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
@Darkzonehost Perfect Vacuum cleaner for a dispensary try and clean yourself people
wearablegadgets gadgetshop Exo Smart Tech Self-Charging Cyclone Robot Vacuum Cleaner wearablegadgets gadgetshop
jose I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
dyson Charlotte Brookes Ready for my honorary engineering degree after spending my morning fixing not one, but TWO dyson vacuum cleaners 👷‍♀️🦴👸
2B7C89526 ⚡️🏴‍☠️ The Dyson vacuum cleaner has the most powerful suction of any vacuum. From deep cleans and capturing pet hair to quick cleans and versatile hard floor solutions, there's a Dyson vacuum for your needs.
Malaysia Daily Check out Flagship Series Tineco iFloor Wet Dry & Mop Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Powerful One-Step Hard Floor Washer for RM699.00. Get it on Shopee now!
svt arctic monkeys bot Vergyu i wanna be your vacuum cleaner, breathing in your dust
Mike Resisting From Canada Good morning Twitter. A Saturday musing to distract from the SCOTUS disaster: Everybody is starting to get concerned about "Smart" devices & their ability to spy on you. Have you thought about the risk from your vacuum cleaner; it's been gathering dirt on you for years?
Williams Electrical Bring ease to your cleaning routine with this cordless stick vacuum cleaner from Shark’s latest cordless range. With signature technology and an amazing run time, it’s the ultimate in cleaning convenience. Shark IZ201UK Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Vacuum £229
Klay Thotson 🇹🇹 So these Google scientists have never seen iRobot. . . . ?
武汉 满分官方💞全国同城约啪平台杭州深圳大连福州广州宁波长沙西安江门山东长沙沈阳浙江武汉成都南京北京 #武汉 The suction-capacity of a vacuum cleaner depends directly on its electric capacity multiplied by efficiency联系方式点击@ScrippsEverley
pitusotoeran99 I recently decided to sell my vacuum cleaner, all it was doing was gathering dust
Joel Russell Sr. If you have a house and don’t have an iRobot what are you doing.. 🙌🏽
P̲l̲a̲n̲t̲s̲ ̲B̲e̲a̲r̲ 🐻 My other favourite thing about being at home, other than catchin up with family and admiring their plants is listening to my mother fully converse with the robot hoover/vacuum like it’s a pet dog. I can’t even 😂 Yes there’s a vacuum here; you need to get a new pet!
️️️️𝑪𝑨𝑰𝑻𝑳𝒀𝑵, 王. “So … you need my vacuum cleaner?” Caitlyn folded both of her arms, slightly tilted her head while questioning the lad. “That’s very unfortunate, because I can’t lend it for free.”
odriii Best purchase this month : skincare ❌ clothes ❌ vacuum cleaner ✅
Loser Dom ⚡️Plus⚡️ They're hiding from the vacuum cleaner
Lore 🌈 The mattress in the other room just fell on the vacuum cleaner and turned it on lmao
Mrs Smith 🦀☕️ Tweeps, poll time: I was saving some money, originally planned for a new, easier 4 me to handle, vacuum cleaner. In the meantime I found a very good offer for a mini stereo, w/ a cassette deck! Now that my cd player broke down several months ago I rly want it. What should I get?
mon I wanna be your vacuum cleaner, breathin in your dust 🎶
newsletter Heidi Swain 💜📚💙 If you've read my newsletter this morning (sent at 9am) you'll know that at long, long last, I have my darling girl, Storm living with me. She's been here a week now and is getting used to the new house. She still hates the vacuum cleaner though! 💗🐈‍⬛💗🐈‍⬛💗🐈‍⬛💗
Bot Face In 1983 Designer and entrepreneur James Dyson produces his prototype vacuum cleaner
MikeEl If u clean a vacuum cleaner u become a vacuum cleaner... Say hello to life as an intellectual
pixelthecat VH 🇱🇻🇺🇦 Pixel ambushing the iRobot :) pixelthecat
Noor✨ For sale!!! Extremely clean irobot 2008 model with original papers going for N1.550m last. Location: Kano
s I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
kia I wanna be your vacuum cleaner breathing in your dust, i wanna be your ford cortina i will never rust
J’s world 🐾🐾🌿🍂 Yin-Yang is not a fan of the vacuum cleaner. His safe space is a cosy spot among the pillows. 🫣
comfort songs I wanna be your vacuum cleaner Breathing in your dust I wanna be your Ford Cortina I will never rust
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