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Spookieroth 'I need to vacuum my room' * drags vacuum cleaner into her room* *doesn't vacuum on that day* 'now the vacuum cleaner lives with me'
BladeRunner iRobot audiobooks scifi extantstorytech Wayne Mitchell The audio version of @MickeyFisher73 's short story "The Fix Up" in now available in its entirety (39mins) for free at narrated by Wayne Mitchell. Think BladeRunner meets iRobot audiobooks scifi extantstorytech
spooky carmen on her hslot italian era Como dijo Alex Turner: let me be your vacuum cleaner
Dolla and a Dream No effort one got me dying 😂😂
Emily I got a new @Dyson vacuum from my parents for a belated birthday/Christmas/please move out present. I just cleaned the whole house. I’m amazed how dirty our carpet was! I’m such an adult now 😂
Frizzls Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner!! @ United States of America
lena When alex turner said he wants to be my vacuum cleaner 🤭🤭
👑PK👑 The Lion Queen Isn’t that the car Will Smith was driving in iRobot?
JMSN whore. My next investment will be a Dyson vacuum cleaner. A staple of establishment & riches
Gregorio Punzano 12,000 years ago: a child was stressed by the noise of an animal. -Now: a child is stressed by the noise of a vacuum cleaner
ExampleDotCom If your homework was a anonymous vacuum cleaner
vic’s sugar daddy 🍷 I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
rexbot! ~ ♡ I wanna be your vacuum cleaner, breathing in your dust. I wanna be your Ford Cortina, I won't ever rust
Joseph Dennewitz Nobody tells you when you’re a kid that one day that you’re going to have to spend an exuberant amount of money on a vacuum cleaner
iRobot We'd love to know the tech behind this duster👀
Dou is ia bc uni This video reminded me that our vacuum cleaner is broken
Bot Face In 1983 Designer and entrepreneur James Dyson produces his prototype vacuum cleaner
Matthew Farler Cleaning a vacuum cleaner is disgusting, and I'm pretty sure I don't even do it right
SU2C Emma Thane of Cawdor 💙 I can tell I am proper old, cos I am watching SU2C and I was more interested in the vacuum cleaner Harry Styles was using than Harry Styles. I think it was a shark
karma ♡’madi 🎃 HEE DAY Did u know i was the vacuum cleaner
Esmeralda Vargas At the point in my life where I’m heavily considering a $600 Dyson vacuum a necessity
🕸️🕷️Reid💀🎃 What it lacks in elegant sweeping curves hopefully it makes up for in ... actually engaging with my vacuum cleaner correctly. we'll find out in a couple hours. my initial OpenSCAD review is that the language is honestly pretty OK and I can work with this
majo; jimtober I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
BackToTheFuture iRobot WhatsAppForward WeekendVibes Dipal Thakker 💬 🤯 mopping in an iRobot store.. now how should I read 👇🏼 picture Ahhh BackToTheFuture iRobot WhatsAppForward WeekendVibes
Arjay Dela Cruz The iRobot to macroscopic or gross anatomy, cytology
👑 His Majesty King Gideon 👑 I do wish I had my central vacuum cleaner right now
Felix the Black Cat 🐈‍⬛ I'm holding out for a Dirt Angel handheld vacuum cleaner. Satan's not welcome in my hard to reach corners and crevices
Yukina Hm... Oh hey, my vacuum cleaner isn't working so well... I don't know why... Oh, the plug's not in... Hey, d-don't laugh!
MarkWorrilow Put Your Vacuum Cleaner’s Tools to the Test
mista don’t play It’s like we saw iRobot and learned nothing
Isaac Clark When things aren’t okay. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture Things are okay
iRobot You know what's better than our H1 Handheld Vacuum? Our H1 Handheld Vacuum plus extension kit.​
Ben Kehoe A colleague of mine once did this back when this was an iRobot product, but instead of a gumball machine it was a printer that just spewed paper at you.
dan 🍃 In better news i got a cordless stick vacuum cleaner
D.$.DOOM Will Smith tried to warn us about Aliens in Independence Day, robots in iRobot, & viruses in I am Legend.. but we don’t listen 😣
Get & Stay Wealthy This may be a tad similar to a vacuum cleaner, this pulls potential clients off of social websites towards your home business
JB Trying to figure out which Dyson vacuum to get…anyone have recs? 😬
💭 Wanna be your vacuum cleaner, breathin' in your dust
Simon Holland I hate when I forget my password and can’t login to start my vacuum cleaner
Tina Yates These cats are neither funny-dramatic about the Roombas anymore nor interested in riding them. Sigh. Maybe the next comedic payoff for us will be the Roomba having to route around a disinterested, sleeping cat on a rug. @iRobot
Gio is a sunflower 🌻 I think harry has a dyson vacuum sksk
Roger Maddy My laptop is louder than a vacuum cleaner, but I gotta have Steam VR on it!
Wine bird aunt 🦚 My mom had to put a vacuum cleaner in my closet and saw my s** toys
come as you are harry’s lover🫀jip’s clone ☭ I wanna be your vacuum cleaner, breathing in your dust
svt arctic monkeys bot Wonwoozi i wanna be your vacuum cleaner, breathing in your dust
Labradors humor Robin Taylor (At home 🏡) I wonder if Vacuum Cleaner companies, get worried when more people have Labradors Regarding the food spillage of numbers of people?. 🤣🐕humor
Célestine🌻 stans TheLathums I had not watched a clip of a man using a vacuum cleaner with so much interest since I first heard of Queen's I want to break free movie 🔥
lina🧚🏼🍄 Not but honestly I need a vacuum cleaner
amnsrf Should i splurge on the vacuum cleaner that i always wanted? cause i think housework is the only thing that can keep me feeling grounded n sane.
Mary Peret 🖐 Don’t you think that’s a little dramatic, vacuum cleaner of mine?
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