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szpara666 Warmhearted robotic vacuum cleaner makes you baked
Steve Lamb Dansby Swanson is a human vacuum cleaner
Meta-Rehearse That curveball not gonna work sir
billy weema It’s sure good to see Mike Evans out there. Assaults another man and gets 3 less games than Willie assaulting a vacuum cleaner 🤷🏻‍♂️
Todd I’ve just spent three hours searching for a vacuum cleaner bag for the vacuum I used to have. In case you’re wondering about the kind of day I’m having
jerma dollhouse quotes Thats a beautiful vacuum cleaner !
nocturne I wanna be your vacuum cleaner breathin' in your dust
#EndSarsNow Just cleaned out my vacuum cleaner. Want to throw up
Bot Face In 1983 Designer and entrepreneur James Dyson produces his prototype vacuum cleaner
Travis Reilly I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
Sumireko Usami🔮🔮🔮 If anyone has seen my pet vacuum cleaner 'Henry the Hoover' contact me asap
Savannah Lee Finally got my iRobot back from storage 🤩 crumbs where lol
Saluting the GOP with my middle finger 24/7 I'm single/never been married, but this tweet makes me feel so seen. - Sometimes I take a vacuum cleaner attachment and set it on the rug so that it sits, mutely reproaching me, about a foot away from the canister...
spoken rizz I wanna be your vacuum cleaner,breath in your dust 🥹
Kickstarter Tech A compact vacuum cleaner, cleans car seats and tight spots.
Seamus Dever In some households the vacuum cleaner goes back in the closet right after sweeping a rug. In my house it gets moved to another dirty rug and stands like a silent sentinel, an impatient passive aggressive totem appliance, cord unfurled, waiting for someone’s spouse to use it
Unicun Unicun Small Lens Blowing Vacuum Cleaner for Computer Keyboards
AuthorsOfTwitter momlife S. Breaker doesn't want the story to end 🇳🇿 New low (high?) with my dreams last night 😆 😴 Apparently, I was on some type of ✨️ quest ✨️ to find the missing parts of our vacuum cleaner to assemble it... so I could clean something. 🙄 😅 AuthorsOfTwitter momlife
astrophotography astronomy Dr. Christian Sasse From my light polluted Vancouver BC driveway - Heart and Soul Nebula last night 2x2 mosaic with only 30 min/pane under Bortle 7 with Tak Epsilon 180 and ZWO ASI 2600C and Dual band filter. This telescope is like a vacuum cleaner! astrophotography astronomy @DavidBflower
supercar carsintheworld Vroom Next Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner supercar carsintheworld
Oecoebes Iija, “The actual switch of conversion and inversion, is physical, like displacement concept as the action of vacuuming a vacuum cleaner. Absorption is mix of conversion and inversion functions, in biological sense, which isn’t an error, just more like art, like a chess engine”
GameDev GameMaker Indiedev PixelART scifi SATEL | The Game When you open your heart to a vacuum cleaner and your perspective goes 3D. GameDev @ConstructTeam GameMaker Indiedev PixelART scifi
Ziad 😷 Fazel 🇺🇦 This is what the filter in my @Prescientx1 [breathe] elastomeric mask caught when I cleaned my Dyson bagless vacuum of fine sooty dust from recent wildfire season. That crud would have gone into my lungs. The old me would at best have worn a cloth mask.
Nah Bint Fah Movies are warnings. Has iRobot taught you nothing
Living Safely™ Home Health: Haven't changed the collection bag in your vacuum cleaner since September? Try a new hypoallergenic filter today! :-)
VentureFizz How do you scale a company to an IPO? Hear the background stories of DraftKings, iRobot, EngageSmart
amber 🌺 Did nobody watch the movie iRobot? Jesus
hashtag4 Terra Electronic Hashtag4 Wireless 5000Pa Car Vacuum Cleaner
ً☆★ I wanna be your vacuum cleaner, breathin' in your dust. I wanna be your Ford Cortina, I will never rust. If you like your coffee hot, Let me be your coffee pot. You call the shots, babe I just wanna be yours
iCosmos.btc Nah, I’m valid. I seen iRobot, we ain’t ready yet. Someone come smack this robot Big Willy style
Matthäus My strange obsession is making the robotic vacuum clean multiple times a day for no reason
Don Fuego Humankind will be turned into Wall-E type marshmallow people by next century if things continue like this.
c²🪬 I wanna be your vacuum cleaner breathing in your dust
AboveTheLaw999 Movie wa irobot wa ga will smith
Alexander Hellene But does she have a partner who looks like an industrial vacuum cleaner with marital aids stuck all over it? 🧐
Oʅυɯαƚσɓι This guy is beyond ordinary. iRobot
James Delahoussaye There's the internet and then there's the vacuum cleaner subreddit community. And that's where I live
Kaizen Do I actually need a shop vac? Or should I just use my regular vacuum cleaner to clean out the basement
UnicunShop Unicun 4-in-1 Car Vacuum Cleaner and Air Pump
creepy iså + sof 👻 “i want a gf”, “i want a bf” ok??? i wanna be your vacuum cleaner breathing in your dust??? i wanna be your ford cortina i will never rust??? if you like the coffee hot let me be your coffee pot??? you call the shots babe i just wanna be yours???
R. Onwurah No get any time wey this vacuum cleaner between your eyes & upper lip dey ever rest. Always poking it where nobody called you.
Sweet Pink Lady (She/They) 🌱 I need a vacuum cleaner because im single! 😉😂
Roomba technology CairoTimes Roomba..a robotic vacuum cleaner with rare cleaning features technology
Dead Air Radio 🎃🎶🎙️ ATTN: neighborhood🎃pumpkin "patches"- there is NOTHING spooky about inflatable vinyl bounce houses. Sweating and jumping, listening to a loud vacuum cleaner. Try instead a busted RV with a creepy old dude living in it, staring @ the kids. Oh wait... you already have that
Aaron IRobot takes place in the year 2035
Cabs IRobot reality coming soon 👀
fayrouz🍍 I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
asap IOGA Bing Lee long weekend hotsale . Dyson vacuum I want for my room was 1400 now 1398 . E fasi fakasi bing Lee ma le CEO o optus
Benjamin Vacuum cleaner cords should be vacuum-proof. At minimum, vacuum-resistant
Yukina Hm... Oh hey, my vacuum cleaner isn't working so well... I don't know why... Oh, the plug's not in... Hey, d-don't laugh!
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