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Feb 15, 2009

Miele Releases Innovative S7 Upright Series With Patented Swivelneck™ Technology

It took 80 years of Miele vacuum innovation and six years of engineering perseverance to forever change the way an upright vacuum cleaner is perceived. S7 by Miele breaks the boundaries between upright and canister – combining the very best of both worlds into one ultra maneuverable design. Its patented new SwivelNeck™ technology, with power-steering capability, allows the user to effortlessly move the vacuum in any direction – even laying flat to the floor – with an extremely low profile that glides under beds, tables and more.

An integrated telescopic wand and specialized cleaning tools – such as one would find on a Miele canister vacuum – allow the user to easily shift from floors to crevices, stairs, furnishings and drapes. An energy-saving Automatic Setting, on select models, intelligently selects the correct suction level for optimal cleaning results and power usage.

Miele S7

Miele S7

“Our objective was to create the world’s first steerable, yet powerful upright vacuum,” states Nadine Gast, Product Manager, Miele floor care products. “Following six years of market research, modeling, testing and customer interviews, we’ve invented a breakthrough product that truly redefines the upright. We took every known weakness of existing upright concepts on the market and turned them around as a benefit for Miele’s new S7.”

“Moving a typical upright takes physical exertion – compared to S7’s effortless fluid motion. Most uprights are good for wall-to-wall carpeting, but poor performers on floors and rugs – compared to S7’s superior cleaning for all surfaces and ability to shift from drapes to floors or from carpets to cushions. Compare S7’s stunning design that’s sleek, quiet and agile to the typical upright’s noisy, bulky frame. S7 also provides advanced Sealed System™ HEPA filtration with a new 9-layer HyClean™ filtering dustbag that holds 25% more [than previous bags] and automatically closes with a unique spring-loaded lid when it is removed so that all the dirt, dust and allergens stay inside vs. escaping back into the home’s air,” Gast explains.

“Excellent user convenience is a fundamental property of our vacuum cleaners and is a weakness of other uprights on the market,” states Dr. Markus Miele, Co-proprietor and Managing Director of Miele & Cie. [Miele is the largest family owned and operated manufacturer of floor care products in the world.] “To set the S7 apart, we created a completely new concept… a steerable upright that assists the user in the same way that power steering assists a car driver,” stated Dr. Miele. “We strive to continuously make consumers’ lives easier with unique innovations.”

In addition, Miele’s “one person, one machine” manufacturing philosophy ensures a quality product that - like all Miele appliances - is endurance tested to last 20 years. Each product’s assembly is controlled by one individual, in one plant… with only the highest quality raw materials and technology.

Unique Features

For every edge, every curve, every corner… Miele’s S7 has been uniquely engineered to be the most maneuverable upright on the market today.

Agility Features

  • Flat to Floor: With a touch to the foot switch, the SwivelNeck™ goes into operation. A feat of engineering magic – the rear wheels disappear into the body of the vacuum to extend motion without exertion. No other vacuum limbos lower from fully upright to completely flat covering every possible angle in between.
  • 360-degree Front Caster Wheels: Negotiates tight turns with non-marring rubber to protect delicate flooring.
  • Weightless Motion: Another engineering feat – the weight is carried in the base - so S7 is light to hold and push.
  • Low Profile Electrobrush: Glides under furnishings and tight spaces.

“Our objective was to create the world’s first steerable, yet powerful upright vacuum,” states Nadine Gast, Product Manager, Miele floor care products.

Performance Features

  • Automatic Setting: An intelligent sensor adjusts suction power automatically taking the guesswork out of vacuuming, saving energy and providing optimum performance. On S 7580 models only.
  • 1,200-watt Miele-made Vortex Motor System™: Remarkably quiet and designed for 1,000 working hours or an unmatched 20-year life span.
  • Auto Height Adjustment Feature: Automatically adapts height as it moves from one flooring surface to another due to its innovative height adjustment feature. The 4,800-RPM electrobrush separates carpet fibers to allow the vacuum to lift dirt deep inside carpeting. As it follows the contour of the floor, it adjusts to the pile depth and the rotating brush can be turned off at the handle to protect a smooth floor or delicate area rug. The S7 can even run along the edge – half on the rug and half off and still deliver superior cleaning performance as one half is adjusted to the carpet height and the other to the floor. There’s no other vacuum in the world that can do this.
  • Dual Motor System: Enhances power, suction and performance.
  • 4-stage Suction Control: Easily labeled power settings let you control the suction and adjust to clean curtains, deep pile, low pile and smooth surfaces.

Convenience Features

  • 39-foot Cord: Delivers an incredible 54-foot overall cleaning radius.
  • Three On-board Tools: Crevice Nozzle, Upholstery Tool and Dusting Brush make housework a snap.
  • Telescopic Stainless Steel Wand: Lightweight wand and 12-foot hose extends reach for hard-to-reach areas – lighting, drapes, shelves, stairs, etc.
  • Anti-tipping Device: Prevents upright from tilting when using the wand up high.
  • LED Headlight: This euro-sleek, brilliant light illuminates every previously dark corner and never needs replacement.
  • Reinforced Handles: Ergonomic handle grip fits perfectly in hand and provides maximum comfort when vacuuming. The integrated carrying handle balances the S7 when carrying, especially up and down stairs.
  • Cable Rewind: The 39-foot electric cord has a unique lock clasp to hold the long cord in place when the vacuum is not in use.
  • Silent Setting: Balances between quiet running and optimal suction.

Advanced Filtration & Hygiene

  • Sealed System™: Combines the best, safest raw materials, electrostatic HyClean™ bag, HEPA filter and pre-motor filter. The Miele Sealed System™ cleans the home, and the air inside, by trapping and removing dust, dirt and allergens from the environment.
  • HyClean™ Filtering Dustbag: A unique, electrostatic bag with 9 layers that evenly distributes dirt throughout and holds 25% more than previous Miele bags. A spring-loaded latch automatically closes when removed, sealing dirt inside and preventing user exposure to dust and allergens.

Reliably Green – A Brand to Trust for the Long-Term

For more than 80 years, Miele has produced floor care products known for their quality, German engineering and durability.

  • Every S7 is endurance tested before it leaves the factory for a 20-year life span – unmatched in the industry.
  • All parts produced and supervised by Miele. Every detail crafted, controlled for quality.
  • Miele’s modern plants produce almost no waste and all waste is recycled.
  • Virgin polymers are easy to recycle when the product’s life span is complete.
  • Miele uses no cadmium or lead in their coatings and only water-based paints.
  • Low energy consumption and automatic controls optimize performance and energy use.
  • Less fine dust and allergens in the home’s air due to advanced filtration.


Brilliant colors, up to the minute fashion, slender, sleek, maneuverable.

S 7280 Series Models

Jazz – Melon Yellow – Retail Price: $799

Salsa – Mango Red – Retail Price: $799

Calypso – Lotus White – Retail Price: $799

S 7580 Series Models

These models have added features such as Automatic Setting, Silent Setting and easy touch +/- suction controls.

Bolero – Deep Black – Retail Price: $949

Tango – Garnet Red Metallic – Retail Price: $999

Swing – Steel Blue Metallic – Retail Price: $999

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