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Mar 20, 2013

Miele Introduces S8 Cat & Dog Vacuum

Miele S8 Cat & Dog

Following the success of the award-winning Miele S7 Cat & Dog upright vacuum, Miele has introduced the S8 Cat & Dog vacuum - the ultimate canister vacuum for

pet owners.

“According to the 2011/2012 American Pet Products Association survey, 62% of U.S. households own a pet. That’s 72.9 million homes,” said Anthony Delgaudio, Product Manager for Miele
Sep 13, 2012

Miele Introduces S8 Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S8

Miele, a global expert in floor care, is revolutionizing the way we clean with the introduction of the new Miele S8 Series. Designed, engineered and built in Germany the S8 is lighter, quieter and offers improved cleaning performance. By combining the performance of the Miele patented AirClean Filter-Bag™ plus Sealed System® and HEPA filter, 99.9% of lung damaging particles are retained in the machine. S8 embodies the Miele TrueClean™ philosophy – offering the perfect balance of performance and convenience…

Mar 20, 2013

The Miele S8 UniQ Vacuum

Miele S8 UniQ

Designed to embody the ultimate in refinement, the new Miele UniQ Canister Vacuum is the flagship of the S8 line. The UniQ seamlessly merges style and sophistication with iconic Miele performance and innovation. As only Miele can, the S8 UniQ combines exquisite design, groundbreaking innovation and a legacy of leadership in performance to provide the ultimate in cleaning. Deemed the ‘Pinnacle of Performance and Convenience’, the UniQ sets the standard for premium vacuum cleaners.

“It’s the details that truly set the UniQ apart,” said Inga Wirth, Product Manager for Miele

Feb 23, 2010

Miele Announces S2120 Canister Vacuums

Miele S 2120 Delphi

Miele, the German family owned and operated manufacturer of superior-quality appliances, introduces a new addition to their legendary family of vacuum cleaners. The mighty S2 Series debuts three new models: Olympus, Delphi and Titan. These very lightweight, yet robust canister vacuums feature Miele’s incredibly powerful Vortex Motor System™, a super efficient AirClean™ filtration system and start at an inviting retail price - $349.

“The S2 series is perfect for our first-time buyers,” says Paul McCormack, Senior Marketing Manager for Miele

Aug 3, 2010

Miele Introduces The New S5 Libra Hepa Vacuum

Miele S5 Libra Hepa

Just in time for the fall allergy season, Miele introduces the Libra vacuum in a hot new mango red color. Proven in scientific tests to outperform other HEPA vacuums, the unique Sealed System™ technology, AirClean™ Filter-bag™ and certified HEPA filter found in the Libra make Miele the popular choice for allergy and asthma sufferers nationwide. It’s a little known industry fact that consumers may be at risk as improperly constructed vacuums spew micro particles into the air as they “clean.”

“It’s counterintuitive to think that your HEPA vacuum cleaner may actually be making your home dirtier while you clean,” states Paul McCormack, spokesperson for Miele

Feb 15, 2009

Miele Releases Innovative S7 Upright Series With Patented Swivelneck™ Technology

Miele S7

It took 80 years of Miele vacuum innovation and six years of engineering perseverance to forever change the way an upright vacuum cleaner is perceived. S7 by Miele breaks the boundaries between upright and canister – combining the very best of both worlds into one ultra maneuverable design. Its patented new SwivelNeck™ technology, with power-steering capability, allows the user to effortlessly move the vacuum in any direction – even laying flat to the floor – with an extremely low profile that glides under beds, tables and more…

Apr 23, 2012

Miele: The Bag Is Back

Miele AirClean Sealed System

Miele continues to deliver on its promise of Better Living by offering the most effective vacuum system on the market today. The Miele patented AirClean Filter-Bag™ plus Sealed System® ensures improved indoor air quality, making homes healthier and cleaner. Tested by an independent laboratory* the proprietary cleaning system captures and retains over 99.9% of harmful pollutants – an average of 21 times more than popular HEPA-filtered bag-less machines. On average, the leading bagless HEPA-filtered vacuum emitted over 175,900 lung-damaging particles per minute during comparative testing…

Sep 3, 2010

Miele Introduces S7260 Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S7260

Pets are a joy. Now cleaning up after them is too! Miele, creator of the world’s first HEPA certified vacuum cleaner and floor care innovation upon innovation since, now introduces the S7260 Cat & Dog vacuum that is specifically designed to remove pet hair and absorb carpet odors while retaining the dust, dirt and dander that can trigger allergies and asthma. Miele’s unique Sealed System™ technology, AirClean™ Filter-bag™ and Active AirClean™ filter with odor absorbing charcoal makes the S7 Cat & Dog vacuum the popular choice for pet lovers nationwide…

Jun 18, 2014

Miele Launches Its First Robotic Vacuum: The RX1 Scout

Miele RX1 Scout

For nearly 90 years, Miele has revolutionized the way we clean with award-winning canister and upright vacuums. The newest addition to this legacy is the RX1 Scout – the first robotic vacuum from Miele. With integrated smart technology, a two-hour lithium battery and multiple cleaning modes, the Scout is the ideal companion vacuum.

The RX1 Scout utilizes systematic navigation which maintains consistent cleaning, while saving time and battery power. Unlike a chaotic navigation system, which randomly crisscrosses the room, the Scout maneuvers across the floor in precise parallel patterns to ensure no area is missed or repeated…

Mar 12, 2010

Miele Presents The "Earth" Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Earth

Miele, the world’s largest family-owned appliance company offers an eco-friendly canister vacuum cleaner just in time for Earth Day, and it’s appropriately named ‘Earth’. This canister vacuum boasts some of the most energy-saving advancements the industry has to offer. Featuring an AutoEco™ setting that automatically detects flooring (carpet, smooth floors, drapes, furniture) the Earth vacuum adjusts power for optimal cleaning performance and energy efficiency. “Homeowners tend to think that the highest power setting is best for all cleaning,” says Nadine Gast, Senior Product Manager for Miele. “This is absolutely a myth…

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